Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Praying for one another

Praying for one another
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I think its important that we remember to stand together and uplift one another in prayer. Sometimes I think we forget how much power there really is, when we come boldly before the throne of God, as He encourages us to do in His Word.

I know there are so many people hurting, people going through difficult times, times of loss and grief, times of financial struggles, times of divorce and broken-ness.

And I for one definitely understand the special challenges and circumstances in raising an autistic child.

I honestly can't imagine what my life would be like, if I didn't know the privilege of going to God with all my concerns, my fears, my mistakes, and my hopes and dreams.

As powerful as prayer is, God's Word says that it is even moreso, when we come together...two or three...gathered in His name. There is He in the midst.

There is no greater blessing than that.



Angela said...

Matthew 18:18-20

VoicingAutism said...

I've always found this Bible passage just so amazing...that He would be in our midst when we pray...what an awesome thought.

Helpful info about Autism from the National Autism Society