Thursday, February 5, 2009

Learning from my little man

For the many, many things I know I have yet to teach my little boy, it occurs to me that I may very well be learning just as much from him, as he is from me.

Maybe that sounds odd, afterall he is just a child and certainly it's not his responsibility to teach me anything.

But I think for those of us who keep our hearts, minds and souls open, there is much to be learned. Especially from children.

As I've watched my Julian struggle for years now for every word he speaks, I'm reminded that the things we take for granted, such as speaking, perhaps we ought not take for granted afterall.

And as I see him struggle at times in playing with children his own age, I'm reminded that not everyone feels comfortable with other people, and perhaps I could make more of an effort to reach out to someone who may seem unfriendly, but might in reality be terribly shy.

And when my son has been especially naughty, and I'm having a hard time understanding his behavior, I'm reminded of the unconditional love my Heavenly Father has for His children, myself included. And I'm so thankful because its in those horrific moments that I realize that sometimes I've done or said things that I'm sure my Heavenly Father wasn't always pleased with, yet He forgave me and never, ever stopped loving me.

I think I've really come to realize the unconditional, never-ending love He has for His children, as I've experienced this with my own precious son through the years.

Sometimes, I think my son gives me way more than I could ever give him.



Angela said...

amen sis..that is beautiful...and POWERFUL.

VoicingAutism said...

Love you sis. Headed your way!

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