Saturday, January 31, 2009

Know what? We've come a long way!

No matter what happens from one day to the next, my heart always ends up filled with gratitude to God for all that He's brought us through...together.

Honestly? I can't and won't ever say the journey's been easy. But then, what journey is?
But when I look back to when my little boy was just 2 years old, when we first received the official diagnosis of autism, there were so many more every-day things that we couldn't get him to do.

Like having his hair washed, and he couldn't stand to have his hair cut. I remember I used to have to wait until he was taking a bath, then lather up the shampoo, and when he was busy playing, I'd take the little scissors and cut here and there, quick, before he'd notice.
Wow. Now he loves to go to the barber's, I mean loves it!

There was a time when I couldn't ever take him anywhere new, at all. Daycare, church, any new store, he'd cry and then start screaming and become hysterical.
Now he loves to go just about anywhere. At the very most, he's a little bit nervous to go to new places, but adjusts fairly quickly.

Potty-training took a little over a year, he'd scream and cry when we'd try to get him to even sit on the potty. Now its like old hat to him.

And I remember when he first started talking, I mean really talking.
He was 4 years old, and his school *Eastgate, was so excited because it was like something had just opened up within him, and he hasnt' stopped since! That was one of the happiest days of my life.

Now he's reading, and counting, and singing, and doing so many things that I wasn't sure whether or not he'd ever do.

See? God does hear our prayers.

He may not always answer them in the way or timing we'd like, but He does hear us.

My son is living proof.

Don't ever give up.



Angela said...

God truly is amazing. Oh, what a wonderful testimony...thanks for sharing sis...You have truly come a long way,,and through it all sweetie, Jesus has held your hand, carried you a few times when you had fallen and wouldn't get up, and other times just sat with you on the road side, waiting for you to decide to get up and continue the ya girl.

Can you believe TBOFSH is no longer. How strange, but how God has moved us on in different places,,now blogging, who would have thought girl!! lol He is SO good.

VoicingAutism said...


Yep, I love what you said, and I love the history we have together, almost 7 years!! We've watched each other rise and fall...and with God's help, like you said rise back up again. God is the absolute best!!!!


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