Friday, January 30, 2009

OK, Had a Melt-down

Not my son, me!

I think it started when Julian decided it was time to get up, at 2:oo in the morning. So of course I got up with him. Unfortunately, I started nodding back off at 2:30, when I thought he was doing the same on the living room couch.

Wrong!I awoke afew minutes later to one Julian standing over me with a book he was showing me, that he'd taken out of my bedroom. Panic. This meant that he'd been IN my bedroom, which couldn't be good. Oops...I'd forgotten to relock my door.

Race to my room...and straight into the sight of what could surely only have been caused by a major hurrican. I mean, books, sewing-kit supplies, hair jewelry, clothing, shoes, nik naks, and other various "things" I'd had stashed under my bed, in my closet, anywhere I could find to keep hidden from my curious little George.

Everything was strewn wildly all around my room, and man I lost it and shut my door after screaming, then proceeded to finish the job off myself. More stuff strewn around my room.

Oh goodie. Now I'll have something to do for the next 4-5 hours, in lieu of sleep.Roger came out and handled Julian, who was crying and screaming and tantruming because I wouldn't let him have ANYTHING he'd taken without permission from my room. So he's spitting, hitting, banging his head in his time-out spot, throwing, etc. etc.

Eventually everyone calms down, and he's off to bed, and Roger too.Not me, no siree buddy.No, emotional Mommy can't sleep because she's so upset and befuddled to sleep, so I stay up until after Julian gets off to school at 8: oo this morning.Well he comes home from school, and starts it all over again.

Oh joy. Thrills. More fun. I love being a mom.Or not.Today? Not so much.Tomorrow may look brighter.Peace out.



Angela said...

(((((((((((hugs))))))))))))) It's hard isn't it when we have those days, when we revert to that 'woman' who has no self control, who ends up having a bigger temper tantrum than the one that started it all..SIGH. There is a song on my play list, I think its East To West, which says, I don't want to be the man I used to be..
It's a beautiful song, but when that part comes on, I just bawl ALOT of times..that is my prayer,,God, I don't want to be that woman I used to be"....and the times she shows her ugly face it's HARD,,,praise God we have forgiveness, fresh starts, hope, love, and the TRUTH that He Who started the good work in us, WILL complete it sis..((Hugs)) love you so much.

VoicingAutism said...

((Ang)) You're right, I know. I was talking on the phone last evening to a woman who'd called, actually I didn't even know her but she was calling for Amvet's, to arrange a pick-up to our home to pick-up unwanted clothes and stuff, they do that all the time, anyway in our discussion I mentioned my son and she said her 6 yr old cousin is autistic and acts that way once in awhile. I asked how the mom handled it and she said she's a really calm lady, NOTHING gets to her. Wow. I'm like, why can't I be like that? Why can't I be one of those calm, always-in-control, ready-for-anything type women? I guess I'm in the learning process. Still.

Thanks for your encouragement, sis. love ya.


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