Thursday, January 22, 2009

Some "Do's" for parents of an Autistic Angel

Here are afew suggestions, what I like to call my "Do's" list, especially written for fellow-parents of Autistic Angels. Some were passed along to me from other parents, teachers, doctors, and/or specialists. Some I learned in hind-sight, but also realize its never too late to make positive changes.

1. DO seek immediate medical/professional help if you suspect your child may be autistic. Its true that the earlier the intervention, the greater the success and outcome will be for both you and your child.

2. DO accept and come to terms with the diagnosis of autism. To remain in denial will do much more harm than good, for your child and your entire family.

3. DO make a point of doing research and learning all that you can about the Autism Spectrum. Knowledge is power, and information is how you get it.

4. DO allow yourself a time of healthy "grieving", if you've not already done so. Its perfectly normal to possibly feel a sense of "loss" when you realize your little one is facing a totally different set of challenges than you'd ever expected.

5. DO make sure to take care of your own needs, as well. The easiest thing in the world (of autism) is to get so completely drawn into our child's challenges that we don't allow ourselves breathing room...and that can be everyone concerned.

6. DO ask for help when you need it. Whether its a doctor, family member, or a good friend, make sure you have a network of people who are understanding and patient with you and your child.

7. DO keep an open mind to advice from doctors, professionals, and other parents who have similar challenges. Yet be careful who's advice you take.

8. DO cry out to God who is the Creator of all flesh, for He alone understands more than anyone ever will what you are going through. He also understands your child.

9. DO keep a positive attitude no matter how hard the challenges may seem at times. Your attitude may be the key to many miraculous break-throughs, and its amazing what our children pick up from us...especially in our attitudes toward life and challenges.

10. DO accept and love your child unconditionally. Learn the difference in "He can't"....and "He won't." That one's hindsight.



Angela said...

Fantastic girl!! Great advice, great wisdom, great discernment..(((((((((love))))))))))

VoicingAutism said...

((Ang)) Hi girl! I just love to come in here and see you've left a nice comment, it makes my day, lol!!

I have sooo much on my heart that I'm ready to share now...I've sensed the Lord's leading me in this direction for years now...yet I knew it wasn't His time yet...Now I know it is. I know what He wants from me. Its a great feeling....such peace and joy!


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