Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Above and

>I can't even begin to express the ups and downs we've been going through...not to mention the in-betweens.

Sometimes it feels like almost a tug-of-war between us...and autism.

We're going to win.

At the end of the day, I know that its not about me. Its not about my comfort...or discomfort...not about my fears...nor my worries. Its not about my tears, or my emotions.

Its about God blessing me with a precious little boy...this son of mine. Its about allowing God to pull me through the fire, through the storms, through the floods of life until I've learned to trust fully in Him...and find peace there.

Its about learning to be consistent, learning to not give up, learning to keep the faith when the faith is all I can see.

Its about learning to rise above the situation, taking the circumstances to God, and allowing Him to intervene as He sees fit.

Its about remaining faithful in prayer, its about standing in the gap for my precious son and loving him the same way my Heavenly Father loves me...unconditionally.

Its about learning to be long-suffering, forgiving, patient, kind, and setting that kind of example for my family.

Its about growing up and being the best mom that God would have me to be, hand-picked for my son, Julian.

Its about forgiving myself for whatever mistakes I make along the way, and moving forward every day with a better attitude.

Its about looking autism right in the face...and declaring God's love, God's power, God's authority over it and over my little boy's life and future.

Its about rising Above and



Annissa Peavy said...

This is beatiful, glory to God. God Bless you, Julian and family! You are a huge inspiration. Thank you so much

VoicingAutism said...

**God bless you and yours. Thank you for your gracious comment. Its always a blessing to touch someone else's life in some small way.

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