Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Supernatural Love

Speaking as a mom, I find it interesting that it seems to come naturally to me to love my son unconditionally, yet I have the hardest time loving anyone else the same way.

I mean, I don't have to "try" to love my little boy, its just there. Here. In my heart, in my mind, in my thoughts, and in my prayers.

It never occurs to me to leave my child, or to give up on him. I'm sure that must be part of the beautiful, God-given gift the Lord built into a mother's heart. How wise and all-understanding our God is, for He knew every challenge, heartache, battle, and joy a mother would encounter with each unique, precious child He blessed her with.

I wonder why, then, it always seems to be my first instinct to abandon a relationship/marriage when things aren't going very well?

I've been reading and re-reading I Corinthians 13 every night, for it seems I get something brand new from it every time I read it.

And I'm learning that Christ's love is nothing at all like my love.

And I thank God that His love for me is unconditional. Yes, He is definitely disappointed in me at times, but I don't believe that it occurs to Him to stop loving me, or to leave me, or to intentionally try to get even with me because I've let Him down.

I also read in my Bible notes, that this kind of love does not come naturally. Simply wanting to love Christ's way, won't make me love this way.

Its the work of the Holy Spirit in me.

Loving people really doesn't come that easily to me. I've been trying to work at it...but now I really believe I'm on to something here. I really believe that it is indeed going to take the help of the Holy Spirit...God's Spirit within me, to teach me how to love others.

I'm so thankful the Lord hears our prayers.

Even more thankful when He answers them.



kat said...

Love ya sis..and understand what you are saying ((hugs))

Autism Mom Rising said...

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

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